When Revision is the Last Thing You Want To Do

1 – Visualisation.

Mind maps, create videos, read aloud, make pictures, visualise the words and the information you are learning.

2 – Make sure you understand the topic.

Read around, watch Youtube. There is no point revising something you don’t actually get. Once you get it, you can add onto this information, making it easier to learn.

3 – Write it out.
I always find writing things out whilst I am reading and taking notes helps me to remember certain words, phrases or points that are important.

4 – Record yourself.
Listening to your ugly voice helps you remember it, however uncomfortable it makes you to listen to yourself.

5 – Use colours.
Colours make everything better, including revision. This creates memory logs so that you are able to trigger memory through different colours. This trick is used in Television, films and even class rooms.

6 – Reward yourself.
When you finish a chapter of your book, you are allowed to watch 3 episodes of Pretty Little Liars. That is all. Repeat. You must be strict with yourself.

7 – Try not to make yourself hate it too much.
After all, these subjects are usually super interesting and you may actually find you love it if you look into it more. Don’t look at learning too negatively and it becomes more bearable. Pwomise (I have done GCSES, A levels and now a degree with the attention span of a frog. If I can do it, so can you).

8 – Find your strengths and weaknesses.
Write a list of what it is you need to work on versus what you know you are ok with. Focus mainly on your weaknesses and then go over your strong points to make super clear you can do it all. If you start in good time, there is no need to rush.

9 – Don’t leave it last minute.
Though you think you may work better under pressure, studies show that long term memory is more highly efficient than short term. E.g the longer you take revising, the more it will sink in.

10 – Stop making strict schedules.
Revision schedules are great. But what is the point in making one if you don’t even stick to it? Make sure you have some free time, but also make conscious decisions about when you are free and when you can get an hour of revision in before you go out. It isn’t hard to read over notes. Every second counts.

11 – Make a good playlist.
Nothing too depressing that will make you want to die more than you already do. Nothing too upbeat that diverts your attention. Make some good beat songs that you can listen to, or even some Youtube videos that help you concentrate.


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