2016 New Years’ Resolutions

Suddenly, the end of 2015 has come around and it is now 2016. 2016. 

I am starting to feel old and almost panicky that life is going to fast and I am not doing productive things or I am wasting my time or ahhh.

I always make a point of attempting New Year’s resolutions. I used to go with things like “stop swearing” “get my hair to grow to my bum” but in realistic terms, how do I control the uncontrollable?

On a different note, I am usually pretty good at making goals and sticking to them, mainly on the premise that by the end of the year, I have forgotten what I was supposed to be resolute-ing. However, this year will (hopefully) be a bit different.

Here are my 10 resolutions for 2016:

Visit 3 new places
Pass driving test
Use my time more effectively
Read more books
Eat healthier
Manage money more wisely (aka only online shop when absolutely necessary).
Do something for myself at least once a month that helps my body
Tell my family I love them more
Get over my fear of flights
Stop complaining about things that aren’t worth complaining about

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