My Current Skincare Routine

I can’t stress enough how looking after our skin is so important, especially at this Wintery time of year where skin feels as dry as the Sahara Desert and absolutely nothing is willing to help. It is crucial that you give it that extra bit of TLC and some luvin’!

I am very aware this looks like a walking advert for Simple, but with my very sensitive skin and having to adapt to how my skin feels that day, it is really one of the only brands that I truly trust. Simple is also really well priced and lasts a really long time which, as a student, you can understand my liking to.

My skin

My skin tends to be very up-and-down. Up until the age of about 14/15, my skin was never an issue. However at about 16/17, I went through a period of time where I struggled with my skin and had bad breakouts on my forehead, nose and around my cheeks (plus, I admit, I didn’t look after it as well as I should have). My skin was very sore and itchy. After that, I had to be very careful with what I used – I often had to use trial and error, which was a long process for an impatient person like myself.

I have always had hyper-sensitive skin like a baby, but nowadays my skin is under control, often with the odd breakout spot here and there (usually the huge under the skin spots that nobody really knows how to get rid of) but generally, my skin is somewhat manageable. I have combination skin – I have an extremely greasy t-zone with enlarged pores yet, somehow, my skin is still very dry. Getting that perfect balance between the two is almost impossible, yet, this routine is really working for me at the moment.


I always wash my face with warm water and go over it with a cotton pad and the Simple Cleanser, just to remove any greases or dirt from sleep. Depending on whether I wear makeup that day, I then go on to use the Simple day-cream for my whole face – I always seem to go back to this one because of the consistency. It is super thick and truly moisturises the skin, yet my skin doesn’t retain the moisture so much that it makes it greasy, so my makeup glides on really well. If I don’t wear makeup, I will use the light moisturiser just as an added ‘barrier’. I then use the Simple eye roll-on as the skin around my eyes is very sore and swollen most mornings (like I said, sensitivity) and it really helps to nourish and completely cool the area, ready to apply makeup. I often find without this that my concealer/foundation tends to stick to my skin and look really creased. Vaseline is used on problem areas such as dry skin, spots, lips and around my nose.


When taking off the makeup, I always use Simple makeup wipes as they are the only ones I can use that don’t give me irritation (I know, I know, makeup wipes are ‘bad’, but using just cleanser really irritates my skin more and hello, mount everest). I also use the Simple Cleanser, which basically gets into the places that the makeup wipes can’t reach. I tend to use a cotton pad and go over my face, with particular focus on my t-zone. Afterwards, I use N-Spa Micellar Water which is absolutely brilliant at getting the really hard to reach parts and gets rid of everything. After using this product, my skin feels much cleaner, clearer and healthier, plus much less greasy. Though it recommends using twice a day, however, I only use it at night as it does dry my skin out, so afterwards I use a little bit of the Simple light moisturiser and some Vaseline/Simple day cream on areas that are dry or broken.

I am always up for trying new brands for sensitive skin, especially as there is a lack of paraben-free and healthy non-perfumed alternatives that don’t irritate my skin out there.

Do you have problem areas? What are your favourite skincare products to use?


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  1. My skin is so sensitive so after reading this you have given me so much advice and tips on what to use! Thank you for such a great blog :)

    1. earthtoloz says:

      I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Thank you :-) x

  2. prettydaring says:

    I swear by Bioderma and simple toner, it’s a great combination for dry/ sensitive skin. A good hydrating mask is also super handy – I recently reviewed one of the lush facemasks, you can check it out here! ☺️ X

    1. earthtoloz says:

      I am yet to try Bioderma but it is definitely on my list! Love the post too, I really like the Lush masks so I will give it a go! Thank you x

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