Makeup Haul – January 2016

So over the last couple of weeks I have been on a bit of a beauty spree. As the new year came in, so did some new makeup goodies.

Mac Satin Lipstick in ‘Twig’ – £15.50

My first ever (yes, I am behind) Mac lipstick! And it definitely lives up to the name. a really perfect shade for me as I wouldn’t say that I am a lipstick person per se, yet, this is a lovely natural shade that you can either build up or tone down.

Mac LiquidLast Liner Waterproof – £16


I have been pondering a Mac liquid eyeliner for a while, but it is a bit out of my budget. I found that it is really worth the money, as it stays put all day (and I actually have a hard time removing it to be honest) and the intensity lasts, unlike some other liquid liners I have had that have smudged or gone a bit grey as the day wears on. Definite new staple item for me!

L’Oreal True Match La Touche Magique Concealer – £7.99


I really struggle finding concealers that I like and that are my colour, also not to mention that actually stay put and cover up what I need (aka my shopping bag eye circles), especially after finding out I am allergic to my favourite Collection concealer :-(. This has done the trick and I think the best thing is is that it is very lightweight and easily blend-able. Though it doesn’t cover up spots, it does brighten up my under-eye circles and for £7.99, you really can’t go wrong.

Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray – £9


This stuff is a life saver for a night out or simply for long days at work or days out. As someone who struggles to keep makeup in place, I have definitely noticed a difference in the last of foundation and even a reduction in mascara residue. I also have noticed that it doesn’t irritate my skin, much like other primers/sprays have done previously. I bought the smaller travel size to try out the product and for convenience purposes!

Benefit Dallas Blusher – £23.50


To me, there is nothing better than Benefit when it comes to bronzers and blushers. Because of my (very yellow) skin tone, it is really hard to find a colour that compliments me. The depth of this colour ensures I can use it as both a bronzer and a blusher, giving me a good amount of natural colour (a little bit definitely goes a long way) and it lasts for an abnormally long period of time.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome ’01 Golden’ – £8


I have to give props to my friend Jess for this dome of amazingness. I absolutely love the texture and beautiful colour that this gives, and it lasts for so long. It really is one of my favourite products at the moment, not to mention it smells bloody great. Thank you again Jess!

Soap and Glory Wonderbronze – £11


I have never heard a bad thing about this little pot of gloriousness! I think the best thing about this is that it is subtle and build-able, so on those days where you are going a bit more natural, it really helps to give a boost of life to my otherwise dead-looking face. But similarly, it can be built upon for a really good glow and colour, especially in Winter where the tan has disappeared along with any energy to go outside.

Mac Mineralise Skinfinish ‘Global Glow’ – £24

I love Mac for its’ build-ability and the strength of all the colours. Though this shade is slightly too dark for me in the Winter, it gives such a natural tan and is so soft on the face. It is not heavy at all and blends really well (great for me who can’t blend to save my life). I got this for Christmas from my Sister.

Benefit Posie Tint – £24.50


This can be used for both the cheeks and the lips, but I use this mainly on my cheeks. I have to say, I did avoid this for a long time, though I have always heard really good reviews. I think the prospect of wiping it directly on rather than using a brush and swirling it was a bit intimidating incase it looked like a ridiculous smudge on my face. However, it is surprisingly amazing, and I use it pretty much everyday. It is so natural and lightweight, and again, a little bit goes a long way (which, as an impatient gal, I enjoy). It is also just so easy. Definitely enjoy this.


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