January Favourites

2016 so far has not been disappointing. I have beaten the January blues and I have spent way too much money. I have decided to start doing a monthly favourites with a little twist: referencing to our senses (Touch, Smell, Sound, Taste and Sight). This just spices up the ‘traditional’ favourites and makes things a little more interesting!

I have loved so many products this month, actually too many, but a lot of them have stuck out to me. Luckily, at the start of the month and from Christmas I had a lot of new goodies to try out. Here is my list to share with you!

Simple Light Moisturiser – Touch


I used to use this about a year ago and I stopped using it as my face became more dry. However, I have fallen back in love with this amazing product and how it feels so calming to the skin. As it isn’t thick, it leaves my skin feeling non-greasy and prepped before applying makeup or just for the day. This was mentioned in my previous post.

Nspa Micellar Cleanser – TouchNSPA_MICELLAR-CLEANSER-300x300

This was also mentioned in my previous post and, oh my goodness, has it done wonders for my face. It has controlled the oils in my skin, and makes my face feel so much cleaner. As the brand isn’t one I would normally go for, yet it has really worked.

Flowers – Smell and Sight

Keeping fresh flowers in my room is something that I really cherish, and I forget how much so! Since moving into my student house in September, I haven’t actually had any flowers in here, strange for someone who had a new bunch every week in First year!

I love the burst of life that it gives the room. I also like how it makes things feel that little bit calmer and brighter. Plus, they look and smell gorgeous.


How to Cake it – Sight and Taste (kind of)
Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 13.39.29.png

I have been obsessed with this Youtube channel this month. For those of you who don’t know, How to Cake it is a Youtube channel hosted by Yolanda Gampp who makes the most amazing novelty cakes and does step-by-step videos on how to make them, what to do, how to perfect cakes. Not that I will probably ever try, but the intention is enough. Her Youtube channel is here.

Organic Food – Taste

As a student, organic food is often a no-go, especially with the lack of funds and the mind-set of just “why?”. Yet, I think it is crucial to eat more organic food and thus, lead a better and more healthy way of living. Organic food, for those who don’t know, is food that has not been touched by chemicals, pesticides or anything that artificially manages the product, usually found in fresh produce. I strongly believe how bad these chemicals are to our bodies as they are not natural, and also they really play havoc to my skin, body and energy levels. I am slowly gaining more and more organic produce, including organic ketchup, eggs, butter, fruit and vegetables, and this has made my skin feel better, digestion better and also supports smaller farmers and the free-range and free-trade industry!

Olympea – Smell


A bit of a favourite for everyone right now, but Paco Rabanne has done it again with another signature smell. It is really strong and sweet, and it is really complimenting (say customers at work). I am planning to do a post on my perfume collection to please keep posted if you are interested :-).

My Spotify Playlist – Sound

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 13.58.18.png

I have been obsessed with a range of different music this month. I am quite flexible with my music choices, and I don’t listen to one particular genre. I have really been into old 70/80/90s classics, with serious Garage vibes going on on my Spotify account (fox_lauren if you want to find out what I am listening to). I also (still) love Selena Gomez’s new album, plus Justin Beiber’s and Jeremih’s, so check them out if you haven’t already. I also mentioned in my post yesterday about Zayn’s song Pillowtalk which is my ultimate tune since it came out a few days ago!

My Macbook Air – All

I got this for Christmas from my (too generous) parents and I have been obsessed with it ever since. I have no idea how I coped without one. It is so reliable, fast, easy and transportable, perfect for my constant travelling to and from home and as a student in general. It also has a really good battery life and charges up abnormally fast. I have the 11″ version and it is perfect for my everyday needs.


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