Boho Chic Winter to Spring Looks

I love the unusual transition between cold and warm(ish) weather, but finding something to wear in British-awkward weather needn’t be stressful. These looks are some classic Pinterest inspiration for style between these seasons. Pair big, baggy boyfriend jumpers, heavy scarves, flowy cardigans, knee-high boots with the usual Spring clothing to match these styles.

Please note – I am not taking credit for any of these pictures, they can all be found on Pinterest and I am using them merely as ideas and inspiration to share with others :-).

I have no words for how amazing these boots are. I like the idea of using Spring staples but twisting it for the colder season, using knee-high socks (or even tights) and matching with a baggy jumper or a winter dress.

Big, baggy cardigans are everything. And the best part is they go with everything too.

Over-sized scarves are something I have always envied people for pulling off. One day!

Personally, hats aren’t really my go to, but I am obsessed with this shawl/poncho and the shoes are amazing. You can never go wrong with pieces like these.   

I love this simple outfit and, though it doesn’t look the warmest, it has a chic and cosy vibe to it. It is also something that can be dressed up or down.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. So many cozy and stylish sweaters, love it!!! :)

    1. earthtoloz says:

      I agree, I want all of them! X

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