Why Valentine’s Day is so important

2016 is flying by already and February 14th is coming around to remind us of that ghastly day of Valentine’s. The marmite-day itself, the controversial yet unavoidable topic to say the least, is something that people will always have an opinion on. Though, I have to say that I believe it to be important in a world where love, generally, is becoming slightly forgotten.

Don’t worry, I was that guy too. The mere thought of Valentine’s Day used to give me creeps down my spine, an almost second-hand cringe at the fact that people really did take it seriously. I wasn’t one to have loads of boyfriends growing up, so Valentine’s Day was one of those days where things tended to go wrong, as I related it to being alone forever and feeling lonely and encouraging the fact that “love didn’t exist”. For a few years in a row, it was the day I remembered more for weird events in my life, like teeth being pulled out, blood tests and awkward fights with people rather than what it really meant. And now, I guess, because I feel that I have found love my perspective has changed. But that is not why I wanted to speak about this day in this post.

My idea is merely this: life really is too short. Things change within a blink of an eye. People change too. As I grow older, this concept of life becomes something that, no matter how hard I try, I can’t get my head around. It is not just about losing people, though. It is too that people have become almost afraid of feeling too much. Of being exposed for how they feel towards people, in fear it makes them almost inferior or vulnerable. Why is it, that we live in a world where we are so reluctant to show our thoughts and feelings and love everyday, and so that we have a day for it to be ‘ok’ for us to do? And that it is socially acceptable without the comments of “ew, get a room” or to act in privacy, when we should be encouraging this show of love every day?

Valentine’s day is that one day of the year where we push ourselves to make that little bit more effort for our loved one, whether that is a significant other, friend or family member. Valentine’s day reminds us that it is ok to be in love, to feel loved and to love in return. To cherish those closest to us. To be free with those wild thoughts, feelings and ideas of positivity and contentment with the people around us. Because life is bloody short, life is unexpected, life is powerful. And life does not stop for anyone.

So love, while you can. A lot. More than a lot. More than you ever have done. Be that person who spreads love and happiness into people’s lives. Make sure those around you know, truly, how much they mean to you – whether that be verbally, emotionally, mentally or physically. Just let them know you are there, always. And do not feel contended to feel as though you can’t. No matter what day of the year it is, just love always: openly and freely.


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