Sunday walks are always agreeable. There is a certain peace about a Sunday that I love, and it helps me recollect my thoughts and memories for the week. A lot has happened in this little week of mine, and a borderline-spring walk was welcomed well.

It is easy to forget where you are, where you belong, where your heart lies. It is about the basics; the little things that touch you. Sometimes all it takes is a deep breath of fresh air acting as a sharp slap of reality that forces you to breathe and reminds you that you are alive. Putting things into perspective by understanding your speck of irrelevance is sometimes all you need.

The world is much larger than us. Our brains are only mere stardust in a world of chaotic nonsense that often seems too much. Life is bigger, brighter and more intense than we know. We should see ourselves in nature, as that is where we have come from, where we grow and evolve from, how we survive, how we are able to be around to experience it too.

I love Sundays.


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