February Favourites

Another month has flown by and has drawn to a swift close, and somehow, we are already on our third month of 2016. How?! Help?!

February hasn’t been the month for buying a lot, as I am still a student, and still repaying my Christmas finances, therefore the spending has been of the bare minimum. However, I have some re-found love with some products, found some newbies and I am excited to share them with you.

If you haven’t already seen my January Favourites, I started to do my monthly favourites tag with a little twist of using the 5 senses. So, in true Lauren fashion, I will be following this theme for February and I will commit to this throughout the year.

1 – Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Primer: Touch


February has enlightened my love for this little gem, and it has really done me some favours this month! I wouldn’t say that I have noticed that it has kept my makeup on any longer than normal, however I have found that it acts as a really good, clear base for foundation and the consistency is so nice on the skin. It also smells bloody great, so that is always a good thing.

2 – Shea Butter Yankee Candle: Smell


I am yet to find a Yankee candle that I don’t like, yet, February has brought me to this beauty and I am so glad. The smell is just… agh. Amazing. It is my go-to as a sweet, musky, ‘clean’ smell, which makes my room smell sooo good. It has definitely been my go-to candle, but I am trying to preserve it as much as possible at the same time (separation candle anxiety).

3 – Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation: Touch


Again, after a few years of bad luck with foundations, I have come running back with arms wide open for Bourjois. I haven’t used it for a few years, and I definitely forgot how much I loved the consistency and the dewy look it gives. I would recommend this foundation to anyone and I would say it is my favourite foundation of all time. It is affordable, provides an amazing coverage, which is buildable, but also looks super natural at the same time. It is also amazing for combination skin as it isn’t too greasy, but it doesn’t dry out your skin either. This will most probably reappear in a future favourites post!

4 – The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream: Touch, Smell


This has been my everyday life-saver since I got it for Christmas, and I have also mentioned it in my What’s in my bag? post previously as my go-to as well. First of all, the smell is amazing and it is so soft and light on the skin, plus being non-greasy which is a God-send to other hand creams I have tried that have felt like sticky oil. I will always recommend this product as it has lasted so long (you would never believe that I have even been using it) and it really does work for dry and sensitive skin.

5 – Notebooks: Sight



I have always been a notebook person – it is who I am, it is in my blood, it is me. Notebooks have stuck by me this month and have been a source of moral support, as February has been interview galore searching for a placement for my 3rd year of being a Business student, on top of working, on top of everything else I need to keep organised in my life. I love that they are so simple, and so portable, and that I can write down all my ideas and keep them in place. Plus, the quirky notebooks are my favourite, with boosts of inspiration from the front page: “anything is possible if you try”.

6 – Pinterest: Sight



As mentioned previously, I have been searching for a placement so, naturally, workwear has become my new favourite Pinterest obsession. This pinboard has acted like a boost of inspiration for when I, myself, am doing full-time work but also keeps me excited for my future and the goals I wish to pursue. This smart-chic professional style is amazing and I want every single outfit.

Minimalistic flat ideas


With job hunting, comes flat hunting, and as my boyfriend and I are hoping to delve into the working world, we are also trying to find somewhere to sleep too. Minimalism is my favourite interior design theme and I am obsessed with finding new flat inspiration for my dream home, though, I am aware, it probably will not look like this. A girl can dream. One day…

What have been your favourites this month? Comment below with a link to your favourites posts and I will be sure to check them out! :-)


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