My 20th Birthday Weekend!

Hello people. I can only apologise for my lack of blogging for the past two weeks, mainly due to University taking over my life, plus a serious state of disorganisation from my part.

But yes, I have finally reached the years of being 20. It has been a long-run and I have made it. I can’t quite believe it myself really. My birthday is the 26th March and luckily due to my lovely family, boyfriend and friends it has been prolonged for a long weekend (turning into week at this rate!).


My mum came down to visit me on Friday with some lovely bits and bobs for my room. I am planning to do a “What I got for my birthday” tag soon so watch this space! I won’t give too much away until then, except that I was very generously gifted with a new camera!


My mum stayed the whole day and we had a big catch up and a girly day which I loved. I always miss my mum when I am away! I was very hungover from the night before, waking up at 7am for work (still drunk, might I add… oops). She picked me up from work whilst I was in the night-before’s makeup and a top that I had slept in. Classic Loz.

Her birthday present to me was also a shopping spree in Watford, which I could definitely not turn down! Though, I always feel guilty, I got some great new staples to wear for the Spring and for Rome. I also like to update my wardrobe every few years so it was welcomed fondly!

We also went to a lovely Italian restaurant, where I ate so much for the starter that I could barely even touch the main meal, Spaghetti Pomodoro. One day I will learn to cook like the Italians (I wish). The meal got me really excited for Rome in approximately two weeks… excited is an understatement!


Processed with VSCOcam with c8 presetToday was my actual birthday, and I opened all of my presents at 12am (obviously) and my boyfriend and I travelled by train to London. We stayed in the loveliest apartment-hotel in Holborn, just a ten minute walk to Covent Garden, and I was given a complimentary bottle of wine and chocolates from the hotel to say happy birthday.


The hotel was amazing, with its’ own little kitchen and a beautiful view of the building opposite (it is rare to find an actual view in London!).

Shirt – TopShop, Jeans – TopShop, Leather Jacket – New Look

Commemorating my 20th, naturally I wanted to visit the Sea-Life Aquarium. It was a beautiful experience and it was great to see what they do for wildlife and ocean conservation.


I was worried that the animals were mistreated, though they looked fine and actually, probably better than they were in the wild!

We had a little bite to eat at Bella Italia for a late lunch/dinner, went back to the hotel to get ready, and then went to watch the West End musical version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! My birthday surprise from my boyfriend, and the most surreal experience ever!

I love the theatre and this show is really phenomenal, so if you are in the London area over the next few weeks I would 100% recommend it. Lewis outdid himself for sure!

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset
Jumpsuit – Boohoo


Dress – TopShop, Jacket – New Look

After pondering the thought of going for cocktails, we decided to, instead, spend the night in our favourite form: drinking free wine and watching Indiana Jones in bed. Ideal, I say!

We woke up in the morning and spent the Sunday exploring London. Lewis told me he had never been to Buckingham Palace or Trafalgar Square, so we adventured all over central London until we eventually got bored and decided to return home, exhausted and heavy from all of our luggage!


No matter how many times I go to London (pretty much every week), I cannot help being a tourist. It is definitely one of my favourite cities, I will never get bored of it.

I had a really great long weekend and I can’t wait to get home this week to see my family.

I hope everyone has had a great Easter weekend! Happy Easter x


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