March Favourites

I have loved this month and, though, again, it was a quick one, I have made some really great memories. This month was especially exciting as I turned 20, so I got an extra few little bits to be obsessed with!

I apologise for the slight delay in this post, as I stupidly left my laptop in my South East home whilst I travelled to the South West to visit my family. I will try and blog as much as possible before Rome, but please bear with me as I am trying (and half-way failing) through using my Mum’s iPad and my phone!

As usual, I will be doing this post in the style of my other favourites posts in terms of senses. If you haven’t already, feel free to check out January and February favourites to get the run-down of what I have been loving so far in 2016 :-).

Topshop Matte Lipstick in ‘Black Widow’ – Sight, Touch  

Though a bit out of my comfort zone, I was super excited to try this deep purple lipstick. I am not a huge lipstick kind of girl, though every so often I do delve into lipstick looks and this has really been a favourite of mine since my birthday, when I got it. It is super pigmented, lasts ages, and doesn’t look too bold or in your face. It almost looks mahogany in some lighting circumstances, though it is a really beautiful colour and Topshop always do some really nice lip colours for an affordable price.

Body Shop Vitamin E day moisturiser and Vitamin E eye cream – Touch  


I used this product about a year ago in the travel sizes for holiday, and absolutely loved it. I FINALLY purchased the original size and my skin adores this product. It is thick enough to moisturise but doesn’t make my skin greasy, plus the eye-cream completely sorts out my dry skin and eczema that I get around my eyes. I also find that it has really helped them hydrate and has reduced the appearance of my dark circles.

New Camera / Canon Ixus 165 – Sight


For my birthday, I was very luckily gifted with a new camera, which, by the way, is beautiful. I had been using my iPhone 6 and my old camera, a Fujifilm make, which was a little too big to cart around on day-to-day travels. I adore this camera, and it works really well in dark circumstances, plus the pixels are higher and better quality. It has totally changed how I take pictures, so look out for (hopefully) some better quality blog posts! I will also be taking it to Rome for this week, so keep your eyes peeled :-P.

Naked 2 Palette – Touch, Sight  

Finally! I have been meaning to purchase this product for what seems like years but, I was patient! It was my birthday last week and my lovely little sister bought me this palette and it is so beautiful, even more so in real life! The pigments are beautiful and the colours are so versatile. I am excited to create some amazing looks with these, plus I have heard the durability of this brand so I might even consider a review post soon!

Zayn Malik / Mind of Mine – Sound


It sounds weird how proud I am of this album, and how amazing it really is. It is funny because I have been trying to find this genre of music in an album for a while now, so I genuinely have been really into his new songs and I am super proud of his solo-ness. Definite recommendation if you haven’t heard it already!

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in ‘Dark’ – Sight, Touch, Smell


I just need to take a moment of how amazing this product is as a whole being. It not only smells so amazing (coconut vibes remind me of Summer), but it works pretty much straight away and develops into such a beautiful, non-streaky, non-sticky tan for half of the price of St. Tropez. I cannot bring myself to spend £20 on a tan, so when I saw this for £9.99 I thought I would give it a go, and it has not failed at all! It lasts for a long time too.

What have been your favourites this month? Comment a link to your monthly favourites and I will be sure to have a look!


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