Life Update…

Hello blogworld. It is me again. I somehow keep losing my posts and it is stressing me out. Thanks WordPress.

Anyway, I thought I would give a life update for the past few months as a lot has happened and I have not been blogging as much as I wanted to this year. It is just how it goes, University really does take over your life! I haven’t sat down and just wrote for a really long time and that is what actually started off as the premise of my blog, just writing about life rather than things I buy. However, I do want to make this blog a lot more personal again without making it sound like I love myself! Just want to be doing me for a change.

Approaching the end of my second year, I am currently revision-hag with a variety of illnesses not helped by Fibromyalgia, and my exams literally start next week. Why is it illnesses always come at the wrong times?! It is like my body just knows when I need to actually do stuff, even though I have had months to prepare. Uni is definitely one of those things that gives you sooo much free time but so little at the same time. The more free time I have, the less I have – the irony that is my life. Similarly, not having a schedule really messes with me, as it is hard to find routine when lectures are at different times. I am one of those people that is a bit OCD like that though, otherwise for the rest of my spare time I really let myself go and start looking like I haven’t slept in a month and people start to avoid me. Not a good look.

I came back from Rome on the 11th April (see my post I saw the Pope!) and literally the day I got back (at 1am, may I add), I had to be up at 9am to go to lectures and had a presentation, a test the next day, revision, two pieces of coursework… you get my drift. I am very busy at the moment. Just about finding time to eat, finding time to housework, socialise and sleep, let alone blog. And, sadly, blogging is at the bottom of my priorities list, which is sad but true. It is madness up in here people.

For the past few months I have also been applying for placements for my year in industry next year. It is crazy to think how Uni saves you from the deep end but kind of taunts you with the harsh spit of reality at the same time. I am not ready for this life just yet! I have  definitely realised just how bloody hard it is even finding a placement, let alone finding a job or a graduate job for when I finish my degree. A range of numerical, verbal reasoning, personality tests, phone interviews, Skype interviews, assessment centres, presentations and your soul later, and you start to feel like a performing monkey.

I only went to one assessment centre and that was for Disney. It was an amazing day, and they offered me a few opportunities but the travel was a bit too much, and they were throwing me around different departments knowing they wanted me but not sure where. I didn’t like that idea because this placement is for me. It sounds selfish, but I have to be nowadays.

Luckily, I had already been reached out by a local company focusing on Management Consultancy recruitment where I am currently working part-time for 20 hours a week before I start full-time in June. I am learning a lot already so I can only imagine how I will be when I finish in 13 months! It is really exciting to feel as though my time is worthwhile and getting me somewhere for my future. I did have to leave my previous job which was at Wickes, a company I have been with for nearly 4 years, and, though it was sad, my time was coming to move on and as it is for my career, I cannot complain at all.

I am still not sure where I want to be, but I know I am getting there. I have started to realise, and I continue to realise a lot about my life, who I want to surround myself with and the things I want to be doing to make me happy. It is not so much what I want to do, but just filtering out what I know I don’t want to be doing.


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  1. lexilife says:

    Welcome back to blogging! I think life just takes over and gets the better of us most times. Stupid life right?! I’m in the last year of my university, and actually, my last week. I am have one essay to go and after just finishing my dissertation, writing more stuff to fit the guidelines is the last thing I want to do. hence why I’m on here instead of studying. Bad student! I hope everything goes well and treasure every memory you have!! P.S losing your posts on wordpress……not. cool. I would be kicking off ! xx

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Thank you! I have been posting just not as much as I hoped to :-( I agree! My time management is appalling but blaming it on Uni seems better! Haha! Good luck with it all though, everyone needs a break sometimes! Yes definitely, I complain but I love it and I know I will miss it so much when it is over! Take care xx

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