May Favourites

2016 is flying by, and we are already on our 5th favourites post. It is mad.

This month, I shall call, the month of “I did it”‘s. Firstly, I finished my end of year Uni exams, coming and going like a breeze (in the most sarcastic way possible). This means that I have finished second year of University and, honestly, it went so quickly I can’t even believe it (if you would like to read more about my experience as a second year student, click here) and I ALSO passed my driving test, and then bloody went and bought a car!

The sun finally made an appearance for a few days this month, and I am well and truly ready for the warm weather (anticipation high, yes, especially for English weather). And, though now I am broke and entering the world of full-time work, I have yet to find many newbie beauty buys this month (I am working on it, I promise). But yet, here are some of my favourites in true Lauren style (see what I am talking about here).

Yoga – All senses


Yoga has saved my life this month! I am a new Yoga fanatic and after anxiety spells all month, it has been a great way to calm my mind and body down after exams and general life stress. You don’t have to be super flexible either – as someone with an invisible illness I find it hard doing exercise, but I am very flexible too. Depending on the movements, it really does help for those suffering with illnesses that recommend exercise but find you cannot! It has also helped me to breathe properly, and just focus on myself and my thoughts and become back in-tune with my body.

Body Shop Aloe Vera Facial Wash – Touch, Sight


As someone with super sensitive skin, this facial wash is so kind to my face and really reacts well to it. I have had some breakouts this month, but this wash has really helped and cleansed my skin back to partial normality. It comes out in a foam and I use two pumps, gently rub on in circular motions on my skin and then wash off with warm water. It is slightly pricey compared to an average high-street face wash at £9.50, but it is definitely worth the money!

Herbal Tea – Taste, Smell


Myself and herbal tea have had a rekindling this month. I am aiming to steer away from caffeine because of Fibro, and herbal tea is a better alternative for a healthy, hot drink (I did try decaf for a while but… not really for me as an avid tea drinker!). I have to admit, I never used to like herbal teas, but I have ventured out and, through many a’ trial and error, have found the ones that I do enjoy! I don’t really drink them for health benefits per se (any are just an added bonus) but more for the taste of them.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Max in “006 Disturbia” – Touch, Sight


I found this lip stain in the airport in Italy and I was very sceptical as I had never heard of or seen anything about them. Let me tell you now, they never come off. I swatched one onto my hand and it legitimately took 3 days to wash off. Luckily, on your mouth the skin is different, so it does come off after a while. But for only £7.00, it is a really good buy and this colour fits perfectly for summer!

Beauty Blender – Touch, Sight


I have fallen back in love with the beauty blender, after I somehow convinced myself that I hated it! It is so useful and really does leave a flawless finish, even though it is really tedious having to constantly wash it and wet it but I guess the results outweigh my laziness!

Benefit Hello Flawless Powder in “Honey” – Touch, Sight


For a mattifying and buildable-coverage foundation powder, this is the one for you! It is great at setting foundation, using it with the sponge for a heavier look, or with a loose powder fluffy brush for a more natural effect. If you have oily skin, like me, it totally mattifies your skin without it looking crumbly!


What have been some of your favourites this month? 


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