12 ideas for a budget-friendly Summer

I love Summertime- I feel at my best in warm weather. But sometimes, especially when I am not exactly Kardashian-wealthy, I really struggle to think of things to do. I like to know that I have fulfilled my days, especially in the rarity of a warm day and I am sat doing nothing, as you never know when they will come back in Britain!

So, I thought I would comprise some ideas for you budget-lovers (but also productivity-lovers too) to help get your creativity flowing. I hope you have a great summer 2016!

Book a trip or weekend away

The most obvious one! It doesn’t need to be expensive, and it can even be for a day, but have something to look forward to. Tip: try and make it interesting by trying to find the best deal that you can. Last year my boyfriend and I managed to book a 4 day trip to Berlin for £99! 

Try making a Pinterest DIY creation

If you aren’t working or are and have some spare time on your hands, try out some of the DIY creations that you see on Pinterest. They are usually super simple and often are so cute, especially the homemade home decor or the organisers. Give it a try! Tip: do this when you know you have a spare few days on your hands… just incase!

Find a country pub and spend an afternoon there

I love the old English country pubs and it is often that the best ones are snuck away in little villages or streets and are relatively unheard of. Go here one warm Summer afternoon for a few drinks with friends. Tip: these pubs usually have the most authentic beer and it is often cheaper, so the more out of the way in the countryside, the better! 

Go on a spontaneous road trip

Decide on a location and aim for it! Often the journey there is the most fun, so invite a group of mates or your boy/girlfriend and give it a go. Buy some snacks and see what the location holds. Tip: aim for somewhere that you haven’t heard of or thought about going before. You may be nicely surprised :-).

Have a BBQ

Obviously easier in a warmer climate, and may be a struggle planning too early in advance with the unpredictable British weather, however you can never go wrong with a barby. Put on some music and have a laugh! Tip: try stray away from just burgers or classic bbq food, and see what else you can make!

Have a movie day

Lazy days have to be incorporated into every time off, so pick a film series or a genre/theme and see how many you can fit in. Tip: try a new genre that you haven’t thought of before.

Make music playlists

Making song playlists takes more time than you think, plus you can never go wrong with a good playlist. I think I have a playlist for every mood near enough?! But it really helps, especially with the amount of music that you have access to now. Tip: broaden your musical horizons and you might find some songs you really enjoy and never thought you would!

Experiment with cooking

Think of all the things you have wanted to make but haven’t had the time (or patience, in my case) to. But why not try something new, it could be a whole dish or something small to try. Tip: find a YouTube tutorial to make it easier if you aren’t that confident with cooking.

Find some new products to fall in love with

Whether it is a new brand or a new beauty buy, try some recommended products and fish around the internet for some good bargain buys. When would be better to try?! Tip: Research reviews and google for discount codes online to take a few extra pennies off :-).

Try out a new hobby

There are so many hobbies out there to be obsessed with – whether that is a TV series, collecting items, researching a topic you have always been interested in, a sport that you have always wanted to do but never had time, or even becoming creative. Tip: search online if you get stuck for ideas!

Create a bucket list

Write down things you want to accomplish – whether that is in your lifetime or just for the Summer, but make some realistic and some not. It is always good to set some aims to do and then, when you tick them off, you realise how much you have done! Tip: make sure they are clear – if you look 10 years on and can’t understand what you meant, then it defeats the point of a bucket list!

Start blogging/blog more often

I started my blog this time last year and it really helped me feel some sort of purpose. I like having things to do and to delve into, so blogging really worked for me! If you are already a blogger, then try experimenting with new topics, or organising time well so that you are able to blog more regularly on things that you enjoy and take time and effort to create the best blog post. Plus, it feels great when you can see your work shine without a time-limit! Tip: Pinterest has some great posts on how to improve posts, pictures and content to really enhance your blog to the best of its’ ability!

Do you have any other ideas for a budget-friendly Summer? Comment below!


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