June Favourites

June has whizzzzed by. This month I started work full-time for the first time in my life, and I have been extremely busy with long hours and weekends filled with travelling to see my boyfriend! Yes, it is easy to say that this is a big difference from my usual 10-hour Uni weeks and working part-time, however, I really love it.

In my usual swing:

My car! – Sight, Touch

My favourite thing about this month was buying my first car! Needless to say, it killed my bank balance but it is the cutest Citroen C1. I am utterly obsessed with this little gem – her name is “Willhemina” (Willow for short – I couldn’t choose) and she is an angel. She is a great runaround and super cheap to run, especially for a first-time under-21 driver! She has saved my life in terms of parking and generally being a great gal.

Body Shop Face Mask – Touch, Smell


This stuff always saves the day. It is great for my skin, because I do struggle with oil sometimes and having large pores makes way for easy breakouts. This face mask isn’t good for dry or sensitive areas of skin, so I only use it on my T-zone. It exfoliates, gets rid of dead skin, cleans pores and generally enhances your skin so it has made my skin look much more soft and glowy whilst still controlling oils, plus smelling amazing. Because of my sensitive skin, I can’t use this more than once a week, but it may be trial and error to figure out as it can be harsh if used too much.

Vaseline Moisturising Spray – Touch, Smell


I have always wanted to try this, however I couldn’t justify it as, to be honest, it felt a bit pointless. However, I impulse bought out of the sake of it and… oh my goodness. It saves so much time. Plus it smells amazing. It is great for when you are running late (me) or feeling lazy (always me). It doesn’t dry out the skin, if anything because you aren’t rubbing it in as much it is actually helping my skin a lot, as it gets irritated very easily. It literally takes 30 seconds (if that) to whole body moisturise, and it leaves your skin feeling moisturised for hours afterwards too. Best impulse buy ever.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Foundation- Touch, Sight


After a bit of a reaction to Estee Lauder Double Wear, my skin went mad and broke out and was sore and all sorts. This range of foundation is the only foundation that I can use that doesn’t irritate my skin, which is good in terms of pricing and it is a great foundation, no matter how sad I am reacting to Estee Lauder. But, Healthy Mix gives such a lovely, dewy glow and stays on all day, and the gel version is even better! It is a slightly lighter version of the Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal, but it locks in the moisture and leaves your skin looking natural and glowy without it looking greasy.

Simple Micellar Wipes – Touch, Smell, Sight


My micellar water that I featured in My Current Skincare Routine is FINALLY running out… yes, it really did last that long, and I used it pretty much every single day. Instead of the water, I thought I would try killing two birds with one stone, and using the Simple wipe versions as I still use makeup wipes to remove makeup (I understand some people hate them but honestly…). So far, so good! I have noticed that it takes off a lot more makeup than the regular wipes, and it really has brightened my skin up.

Boots Tea Tree Spot-stick – Touch, Smell, Sight


This. saved. my. skin. It features two sides: witch hazel for ‘day’ and tea tree for ‘night’. I literally tapped onto each spot, left it on over night, and then used the witch hazel in the day, and my spots were literally about 80% reduced. There are still remnants of it, obviously, but the state my skin was in before and after is a crazy difference. I definitely recommend it!

Vegetable Crisps – Taste

Source: http://stirbymiele.co.uk/healthy-snacking/

I could eat vegetable crisps everyday… so I pretty much have this month. My favourite ones are the M&S Beetroot and Sweet Potato ones, however Aldi do a great alternative and a wide variety for a few £s cheaper. The variety of flavours and the taste is great – and feel far healthier than normal potato crisps (though unsure whether they are?).

Shirts – Touch, Sight

Source: ASOS

I love a good shirt, and Asos have some gorgeous ones in right now, as well as Topshop, whose collection is always on point. Working full time, comfortable and slightly-baggy shirts are my go-to, and so I have a bit of a collection coming along. They really add a bit of a classic-edge to an outfit, and you are able to dress them up or down, which is what I like. I also like the comfort of shirts – baggier ones in particular!


What were your favourites this month?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. itsprettylit says:

    The Witch Hazel stick saved my skin from puberty back in the day. It literally dries up acne spots so quickly, it’s amazing.

    1. earthtoloz says:

      I know, I struggle with it every few years but it helps so much and takes the pain away from those under the skin ones that ache your face!! X

      1. itsprettylit says:

        Ugh those are the worst!

  2. Ohh I’ll have to try that Body Shop Seaweed Mask! Have you tried the Seaweed Matte Moisturizer? It’s amazing. I hope the mask smells just as good! Great post :)

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Yes it is amazing!! Smells sooo good, the mask smells a bit chalkier but still on the same sort of level! Though I cant use it everyday as it really dries my skin out! X

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