Mini Homeware Haul

Hello guys, it has been a few days so I apologise! 

In prep for getting our first flat, my boyfriend and I are both concerned but excited – concerned over money and how bloody expensive it will be, but also, so excited! Considering my not-guilty pleasure is homeware, this means a perfect fit but a perhaps dangerous game – a craze that should definitely not be allowed as a student!

Exploring flat themes, I opted for white decor when I visited my local Dunelm Mill aka homeware heaven. If you are unsure what Dunelm is, it is similar to Homesense or the Primark of homeware but the quality is great and there are normally some really good deals on with home bargs.

Aside from a few other bits and pieces (boring cleaning products, if you must know), these goodies were my main purchase. Coming to a grand total of… £13! You really can’t go wrong.

I couldn’t resist this lovely wicker heart decoration that was only 99p! Just to add a touch of femininity to the flat (sorry Lew!) but it is so lovely and I want to use it for the kitchen door, hopefully bringing the room together.

I also bought the cutest Daisy teabag holder and I am obsessed. Even the shop assistant was in awe! It is so tiny but really adorable and perfect for our kitchen. It was just over £1 and, might I say, one of the best pounds ever spent.

I also bought this mini candle burner, and the picture doesn’t do its’ tininess justice! It will be a great add in a small space, making it feel bigger but also I find these exudes smells so much better and more efficiently than candles themselves.

Dunelm do a great range of miniature oil refills, so I had to get my hands on one for such a small price! I got Vanilla, which is sweet yet powerful and I am really excited to try this in my diffusers (I am not ashamed of how many I have!). 

Last (but definitely not least) is this miniature fake flower pot. I am not normally a fan of fake flowers but I couldn’t resist this! It will add a fresh touch to the flat (I haven’t decided which room yet). The base of the pot is a soft stone which adds a great, natural texture to the design and makes it look that bit more authentic!

What are your favourite homeware themes?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. lineaurea says:

    Wow, I really love the tiny flower pot – it’s so cute!

  2. Aw great post, I’m such a big fan of the flowers! And white ALWAYS works ;-)

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