September Favourites

Another month, another favourites!

I am not even sure that September existed, what with being busy at work, Summer coming to a close and Autumn settling in nicely. One touch of that north wind and I go into hibernation mode – I have been stocking up on candles, warmth and have got all of my Winter jumpers unpacked at the ready!

Somehow, I spent a lot of money this month and I am not quite sure where it went.  I spent a lot of time trying to ‘homely-up’ my flat, plus my whole ‘investment of clothes’ method (please see August Favourites if you have no idea what I am talking about) is proving to be a bit on the expensive side for my Student Placement wage though I know long-term it will suffice. We also became proper adults and bought a TV licence (literally this will not make sense to you if you haven’t been to University and get spammed with TV licence adverts every single week. So TV watching has gone up, heating has gone up, my spending has gone up – so this will be short and sweet!

Aussie Sea Salt Spray – smell, touch, sight


After some umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether it actually worked (apparently I don’t know how to girl when it comes to hair), I realised you can’t use it 1- on freshly washed hair, or 2- on straight hair. It needs some sort of plait or curl to actually do anything at all than make it look greasy. However, it is a good alternative to use if you want to thicken your hair up a bit, as my hair is often too shiny and soft to style or do anything to it, as styling it just falls after an hour or so. It also smells amazzzing.

Simple Cleanser – touch, sight


After a few weeks of a complete breakout, I really needed to invest some time into using my good-old friend here. It has been a while and I thought that, with nothing else working for me, I might as well give it a go. It is really helping me to properly clean my face avoiding any chance of bacteria overload or even spots to even dare come near me. For such a good price, my skin is adoring this right now!

Simple Rich Moisturiser – touch, sight


Similarly as before, and it is typical I started using this after I posted Updated Skincare Routine as I was wary that it would be a bit too thick on my skin and make my spots worse, but I was completely wrong. It is so soothing and refreshing, to the point where I have completely replaced using the Body Shop Aqua Hydrate featured in August Favourites and this is my new staple. It is so nice, especially in the morning, and is a good balance between moisturising (as in, no more greasy skin). I vote yes every time.

Decor – sight

The Mad Tea Party Canvas – Camden Market; White frame – Clas Ohlson; Small frame – TK Maxx
Tables – IKEA

Homely decor is my favourite to spend money on. It makes me feel so happy and excited when I am looking for interior decor, especially since moving to an unfurnished flat and literally having to start from scratch! I have come to terms with the fact that both Lew and I are incredibly quirky characters in that we don’t stick to one style and anything goes, from food, clothes and furniture, to decorating as well apparently! We have made our flat really homely and cosy, working with some bright colours in our living room, matching everything in the kitchen, our bedroom a pastel dream, and our bathroom we are still working on trying to keep as minimal as possible! It has been super exciting trying to furnish this place so I will definitely do a post on how we hacked it on an incredibly tight budget!

TV Shows – sight

We finally caved in to purchasing a TV licence after a tough few years only watching Netflix and Youtube (I know, first world problems right?). It has been really nice to come home, cuddle on the sofa and just stick rubbish TV on for a few hours and wind down after our long hours on our work placement. We seem to have forgotten that we are supposed to be students! Some of our favourites include…

Great British Bake Off / GBBO


Who can resist those awful puns, food innuendos and a bit of soggy bottom? If you are not British, you simply will not understand how deep rooted this programme is to our country’s culture! And it is moving to Channel 4… the fact that it may never be the same really breaks my little heart. Lew and I watch it every week without fail and we strongly believe it is the best programme ever.


I am a proper royalist but also have a big obsession with the Kings and Queens in British history, especially Queen Victoria. I love Jenna Coleman in this programme and she really portrays a royal well, even though I do admit finding it hard to align the real and the fictional as she is too pretty! We watch it each week and I have become so involved, I am shipping the characters and fangirling over Victoria and Albert every time it is on. If you haven’t already, give it a watch.

Our Girl


Now, when I first watched it I wasn’t sure about this programme. Firstly, it scared me and I am a big wimp so it was hard to watch. But also, war programmes/films are not my usual go-tos. With Our Girl, I found that I just really needed to know what happens next and because it is so intense it feels like it is going on forever and you feel like it is really happening, even though it is fictional. I find it stressful to watch but kind of in a good way? I love Michelle Keegan in this and it is great to see her branching out away from  just being known for Corrie.

As usual, let me know what your favourites were this month! 


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  1. I love watching Victoria! And Our Girl is so dramatic! They are both such good tv series!

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Same! Finally some good dramas are on! x

  2. I love this, very clean pictures and well written!

    Check out my latest blog post about my day back at University while away on my placement year in London! It’s all about working life versus student life. Hope you like it and let me know what you think!

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