6 reasons to love Autumn/Fall

1 – The colder, the cosier

The jumpers, big winter coats, fluffy throws, log fire burning, cuddling up on the sofa. Especially when you live in the Northern Hemisphere. I only enjoy the cold when I have a reason to be cosy, which is always. It becomes ok to wear layer after layer of clothing in hopes that your body warmth will stay intact.

2 – The ‘Autumnal’ theme

Scheidemannstrausse, Berlin

Everything becomes a lot more atmospheric in Autumn, with misty mornings, darker days, the Autumnal shades of reddy brown coming through the trees and their leaves falling to the ground. I love the sound of stepping on crunchy leaves and the ambient warm overtones that fill the space really shine through, especially as the sun becomes lower and the days become shorter.

3 – Candles

TK Maxx

I love to have as many candles burning as physically possible without our flat burning down, and the cosy feel of Autumn always means even more candles! I love the warm smells of  Autumn, such as cinnamon, warm and pickled spices, nutmeg… I could go on…

3 – Warm drinks and comfort food


The feeling of bliss when you are cold and have a hot drink is the best. I also find it super uncomfortable over Summer to have too many hot drinks when you are already warm, but it just feels right when the cold air starts to set in. And, as the weather changes, so do eating habits. It becomes ok to snack and to stay as full up as physically possible, and the comfort of being cuddled up, eating nibbles, drinking some hot chocolate or tea is just ahhh. Not only that but the drinks in coffee shops suddenly become so much better.

5 – You don’t feel guilty for staying in on weekends



(Not that I ever do, anyway). But there is something so refreshing about, instead of going out or even feeling any inclination to go out, staying in your pyjamas watching rubbish telly is a much better idea. Whereas in Summer, you want to make the most of the sun (especially in England where it is a rarity), you are completely ready throughout Autumn to do absolutely nothing, ready to go into Winter hibernation.

6 – The countdown to Christmas begins


This is probably my favourite part of Autumn, because I know as soon as it hits that Christmas can’t be too far behind either. Christmas is my favourite time of year, despite the cold, but it is the epitome of cosy. I am so ready.

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Hello, I nominated you for the an award! Check out my last post xx https://gabriellesnow.wordpress.com
    This post is just perfect, is just sums up everything I love about fall I love it!
    Great blog! xx Gaby

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Thank you so much honey! Really appreciate it <3 xxx

  2. livilovessite says:

    I love feeling cosy and relaxed during this season :D

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Me too!! I love Summer but there is something special about Autumn for sure! Xxx

      1. livilovessite says:

        And we get to look forward to holidays like Christmas and Halloween :D xx

      2. earthtoloz says:

        My favourite!!!!!! X

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