Fun with friends in Coventry

I have heard mixed reviews about Coventry, and having never been I really went in blind and didn’t know what to expect. But once I was invited by one of my oldest friends (of 20 years, might I add!) for her 21st birthday, I could not turn down the offer. And actually, it was pretty beautiful and a lovely surprise.

We found a really good deal at the time in terms of travel, leaving from London Euston. It cost us just over £7 to get there (what a barg) and we went through Virgin Trains and got all excited – it was only London Midland. We didn’t even get any tables so I managed to do my night-time makeup using my legs, suitcase, Lewis and the poor boy who sat opposite us!

The train left at around 7pm and, though cheap, it took just under 2 hours, which was a bit of a ball ache. Once there, though, it was worth it.


We arrived at around 9:30pm, just in time for pre-drinks, or, in my case, having a cup of tea! We went to a student night bar called Quids Inn which was a bit quirky and alternative, and we stayed there for a bit, deciding that actually, we can’t be bothered to go out clubbing, let’s just get food! At this point, it was around 2am and I was more than ready for bed seeing as I had been up since 6am (I know, I live the wild life).

The next day we had a bit of a lie-in and then we got ready to have a wonder into town. Amidst the city there is a little area called ‘Fargo’ which reminded me of a mini Camden, very artsy and expressive which is definitely my kind of scene.


It is very bright, colourful and fun with some cute independent shops filled with pretty much anything you can think of – star wars, recycled and second-hand clothes, revamped motors, food, a quirky 1920s dance hall offering roller disco, and some shabby-chic/hippy-vibed shops, which were amazing.








We then wondered into the main city, which was a bit half up half down. Does that make sense? Probably not.





For someone who is a history geek, I honestly didn’t know how historical Coventry was… in World War 2, known well as ‘Coventry Blitz’, it was literally flattened by German troops through bombs because of its’ industrial developments and being the central transport line for the UK. The Cathedral was in ruins, bar the remains, which are mainly the outer elements of the Cathedral, with a new one built next to it a few years following.



After some shopping & food, it was time to bid adieu. It was so nice to spend some quality time with some of my oldest friends and to explore a new City as well. I had a lovely and extremely funny few days!


What did you get up to this weekend?


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