Edinburgh – on a budget

As a student and a stingy person when it comes to money, my whole life is a budget. I seek money-saving where-ever I can. Luckily, there is so much to do in Edinburgh if you are being strict with your cash. Though you have to pay for some, such as transport, food, hotels and Edinburgh Castle (a must) it is super easy to get through a few days on less than £100.

Food and Hotel

We used lastminute.com (which is also ATOL protected, please be safe when booking through agencies which are not!) and got 4 days and 3 nights for £155 which included flight and a hotel. The return ticket for the airport was around £7.00 on the Airlink bus, which took us right to the city centre, and a bus day ticket was £4 as well, incase walking doesn’t suit your fancy. It doesn’t really matter where you stay either in Edinburgh – there are hostels, loads of B&Bs and some hotels, so it depends on your budget and how long you’re staying for.

Our B&B didn’t tell us that they had canceled the breakfast part of the B&B name, but luckily it isn’t too dear in Edinburgh and we got a few cooked breakfasts’ to keep us going through to dinner at Wetherspoon’s and local pubs. We were also down the road from a Lidl, and bought a few packs of croissants and other snacks to keep us going. Play your cards right and you’ll get a few days worth of breakfasts and lunches for less than £15. We went out some nights for dinner, but mainly we bought some salad and some couscous (using hot water in the hotel as no fridge either!) but it worked out well.

Free things to do

Arthurs Seat

Main peak of mountains that overlook the whole of Edinburgh. The views are amazing, but wear strong walking boots and a scarf! We didn’t quite make it to the top but the views were insane none-the-less!

National Museum and Art Galleries

Free to get into and great for a cold or wet day. Also have souvenir shops and food inside (can be expensive so plan ahead). Also, the art galleries (most) are free to go to.


Edinburgh is easily one of the best cities to do on foot. Luckily, because of this some days really don’t need planning – there is so much to see in the city centre and the side streets, such as the Old Town, Calton Hill and the Royal Mile (also with free museums too) and you can even get to Leith where the coast is which is free to do and easy to navigate as well.

Greyfriars Kirk

An old cemetery with a lot of famous graves – easy to walk to (and a beautiful walk at that) and very scary at night.

Free walking tours

In the city centre offer free walking tours in case you really get stuck, showing you around the greatest milestones of Edinburgh and offering a bit of historical insight.

Royal Botanic Garden

Basically an extremely famous mass area of environment for science. We didn’t get a chance to go unfortunately, but apparently it is magnificent.

Live-music bars

These are dotted around Edinburgh. Even if you don’t fancy a drink, a good night out and lots of fun are expected.

Edinburgh Cathedral

It is free to go around and is truly stunning. A must-see when visiting Edinburgh.

What are your favourite ways of saving money when you’re on a budget?


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  1. How helpful!!!! I’m definitely going to be keeping this in mind!

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