4 winter beauty essentials

As the seasons change, so does your skin-care routine. As the cold air comes in for Winter, it can mean your skin pays the price, leaving chapped lips, dry skin and dry hair. But it isn’t something to worry about if you’re already prepared!

Lip balm

Choosing a good lip balm is essential to keeping your lips fresh and moisturised this Winter, avoiding them becoming dry and chapped. It is important to find one with nutritional properties but that also don’t include perfumes that may irritate your lips further.

My essentials:

Vaseline and Carmex Lip Balm are my go-to’s when it starts to get colder. They are both soothing and moisturise so well, plus Vaseline you can use anywhere and not just your lips.

Rich Moisturiser

Moisturiser is a must this Winter, and use it liberally! The heating plus the icy wind will leave your  It is important to find one that works for you, as everyone’s skin is different. I have combination skin, so although my skin can become dry easily, I don’t like too much moisturiser as it can make me oily and can cause breakouts. There are amazing high-end and drug-store brands that provide rich moisturisers – Vogue and InStyle can help if you haven’t found yours yet!

My essentials:

For a quick fix and boost of moisture, Body Shop AquaHydrate Mousturiser is great to use, as featured here and in my Updated Skincare Routine. But my favourite is Simple Rich Moisturiser, as seen here, which I have started to  use day and night. It completely replenishes dry skin and leaves it feeling amazing, under makeup or after taking makeup off, and is great for combination skin.

Face Masks and Washes

If you find you’re using a good moisturiser and still nothing works, try using a revitalising face-wash or a hydrating face-mask that will help penetrate the areas that just aren’t feeling it right now and giving an extra boost to your routine. This gives instant impact to your skin and also feels great after a long, cold day out and about or at work, ready to chill out for the evening. For natural solutions, check out my post 5 honey face-masks you NEED to try.

My essentials:

The Body Shop Seaweed face-mask really helps clean your skin and get right into your pores, and the Lush face scrub can be used daily as seen in August Favourites and acts as a natural face wash for even the most sensitive of skins.


Not only does your skin feel the impact of Winter, but your hair does too! It is quite easy to forget the significance of environmental factors and how they can damage your hair, so it is crucial that you are using good conditioners and hair masks to compensate any harm done. Leave-in hair conditioners are the easiest way to quickly and easily regain the hair’s essential moisture (also, drink loads of water too). If you would prefer natural remedies, Olive oil or Honey works absolute wonders!

My essentials:

I try and use Olive oil, as it is a natural alternative to securing essential oils that are damaged by pollution and cold air. Though, for a quick and easy fix, I also use Aussie Leave-in Conditioner, as shown in my April Favourites, daily for added protection. For some more TLC and notably results, I use OGX Argan Oil of Morocco, which smells incredible and works absolute wonders – a little bit definitely goes a long way!

What are your go-to Winter essentials?


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Corinne Jennings says:

    Love hair oils!!

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Same! They work wonders! X

  2. Airi S says:

    Winter and cold screams for moisturize EVERYTHING! haha i love coconut oil for my face, hair and generally everywhere 😁

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Literally everything!!!! I really need to try coconut oil but can’t find a pure or organic one anywhere 😖 where do you get yours from? X

      1. Airi S says:

        I actually get it from a street market area in Athens, but I think you can find pure ones in some online pharmacies…

  3. Your blog is so lovely, the way your posts are laid out, the pictures and how it’s written. Love it xxxxx

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Thank you so much! That has made my day! I love your blog too :-) xxxx

      1. Aww thank you!! Xxxxxx

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