November Favourites

What a weird month November has been. Winter officially set in this month, and though I don’t like the cold, there is something so nice about dressing up in cosy and comfortable clothes. My skin and body, on the other hand, does not feel the same way.

I have had a really hard time trying to deal with the cold and my poor Fibro has been really playing up. It has taken a long time to get used to and flares up at Wintertime, but finding that balance has been very peaceful. A lot of hot water bottle usage and many jumper buying has seemed to have done the trick!

But I have posted every Tuesday this month and now that I’m in a routine blogging feels so much better and I feel a lot more inspired so this will be a permanent thing from now on, with a little extra thrown in for good measure when I feel like it.

Anyway, where were we?

Body Shop Soothing Rescue Cream Mask – Touch, Smell


This stuff is literally saving my dry skin this Winter, and an extra bonus that it doesn’t make my face feel greasy like it would by over-using moisturiser! You put it on liberally the night before and sleep with it on, and wash it off in the morning. It doesn’t stick and you actually completely forget that you have it on, but once it is off you can definitely notice a strong difference. As for the smell, it isn’t strong but so fresh and pure? A must for dry and combination skin.

bareMinerals bareSkin Perfecting Veil – Sight, Touch


Why oh why have I never used this before? It is incredible at setting makeup, feels soft and  flawless and so lightweight, and just stays put. Usually I find that I can become greasy by the end of the day, but this powder has significantly changed that! It was £22.50 and I bought shade Light to Medium.

Winter Jumpers


All hail the holy grail of Winter – beautiful Jumpers. I always get moaned at by my boyfriend when I pick up yet more jumpers to try – he always says “but you already have that in another colour”. Men never understand the different variations of winter jumper and why I need to have every single one. I love the Topshop ones currently and there was a 50% sale on where I live so I had to treat myself. I also like Matalan, M&S and H&M’s winterwear as you really can’t go wrong with the price and quality.

Deep Steep Argan Oil Body Butter – Smell, Touch


I love this moisturiser. My skin really likes it too – it isn’t greasy and soaks up really well, leaving you feeling really soft and rejuvinated. But the smell guys… the smell is incredible. The Lemongrass and Jasmine work so well together and makes you smell like the most incredible Spa you could think of and stays on all day. I got it in TK Maxx and not sure where else sells it… but I love it!

Massages – All senses


I have started to organise a massage every 3 weeks as it has really helped with back and neck pain that I am experiencing from hypermobility and office life, plus being amplified by Fibromyalgia! I go to this lovely little Spa down the road from me and a half hour session costs £30, which isn’t too bad considering the amount that it helps. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before, but it really helps to not only relax and calm the body, but also get right into the areas that need some TLC. Would highly recommend if you struggle with chronic pain or just need some time out to relax.

What were your favourites this month? Leave a link below!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. BeaFreitas says:

    Winter cozy jumpers are the best!!

  2. Those jumpers look gorgeous! I personally don’t think you can go wrong with some fluffy socks and Netflix!!

    1. earthtoloz says:

      The best part of Winter for sure! x

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