25 post ideas for Blogmas

December has arrived, I cannot believe it! We are already in the last month of 2016 and what a crazy and quick year it has been, but that is for another post…

I am so ready for the infamous Blogmas to begin, knocking on the door for a new post a day for the 25 days leading up to Christmas.

I am so excited to read what everyone is up to this month and gather some Christmassy inspo, as I am super excited for the festive season. I have already nearly finished present buying, and I need to get some decorations for the flat to really get in the spirit!

Unfortunately this month I can’t participate in a daily Blogmas due to working long hours for my placement year and because of Fibro, I find it hard to have the energy and the time. But don’t you fret, I will post a bit more regularly than usual.

I also thought about what I would do if I was participating fully, and also what others are planning to post as well. So, why not post some ideas for those who are participating?! Plus, if you are anything like me and leave things slightly last minute, then you have  definitely arrived in good time my friend.

  1. Gift guides

  2. Decorating on a budget

  3. DIY Christmas decorations

  4. Favourite festive recipes

  5. Gift wrap ideas and/or tutorial

  6. DIY Christmas stockings

  7. Your favourite Winter fashion

  8. Favourite festive outfit/makeup

  9. Things I love about Christmas

  10. Christmas traditions

  11. Review of best places for Christmas gifts

  12. Favourite festive events in your area/that you’ve attended

  13. Recap of the year

  14. 10 best stocking fillers (and where to buy them!)

  15. Winter makeup collection

  16. Favourite festive drinks and recipes

  17. Christmas Party outfit inspo

  18. Best festive crafts for the family

  19. Best gingerbread recipe

  20. Review a Christmas range

  21. Favourite Christmas memories

  22. Best (or worst) places for Christmas jumpers

  23. Most underrated Christmas movies & review

  24. Preparing for Christmas or Boxing Day sales

  25. Christmas OOTD/MOTD

There are so many more ideas from some amazing bloggers, so have you thought of any more? Post them below!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. There are so many good ideas on this post! What a nice thought to offer ideas to others because you can’t do blogmas yourself, so lovely. I’ve recently started my blog and would love if you could check it out. All my posts are Christmas related so far, so I think you’ll like them! X

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Aw thanks! Gutted I can’t but maybe next year 😁 great! I will do now xx

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