6 signs you’re an Old Soul at heart

As I get older, and learn to understand myself and my emotions a bit more.

I didn’t understand, when I was younger, why it was that I felt so much more inclined to be on my own or just feel a lot more comfortable just chilling in my pyjamas. Then I went to uni, the epitome of being sociable – and I didn’t really care. I just wanted to be a cosy sloth in my room spending time with… myself. Was that so wrong?

The thing is, I can admit that I am a bit wise beyond my years – I like the simple things in life, I am easily pleased, I am pragmatic and spiritually inclined, but also, I really have always found my outlook on life vastly different and slightly more mature than others around me. That doesn’t mean that I hate pop-culture, or that I am a snob or even super mature (I am not in many ways), but I really like to be inspired. I just feel a bit “old”, sometimes being confused with coldness or wariness to the world, especially when the last thing I want to do is go clubbing.

I surely cannot be the only one – so if you’re like me, you will relate a lot.

1 – We’re spiritually minded

We understand that there is more to life than the corporate vision of success and material objects – success comes from within. We have an inclination towards spirituality; on the pursuit of finding happiness and a fulfilled life, but also, we recognise that we are not alone in this world and we are on a search for internal love and peace. We ensure that we must look after ourselves and our minds before anything else. We are a lot more sensitive and receptive to emotions and tend to be very observant – ever get that gut feeling without a reason why?

2 – We aren’t materialistic

New trends, new fashion, new celebrity culture is just not interesting to us. We don’t really care about things that don’t hold much purpose or meaning. I mean, yes, some items are nice to have, but they aren’t necessities and we wouldn’t go out of our way for them. The little meaning doesn’t last long – it is all about the little things, the genuine, and the sentimental, which we know, truly, are the most important.

3 – Chilling is our idea of fun

There always needs to be preparation for alone time, to psych up and calm down after being sociable. Being selectively social helps you to balance the time, and really, we need the time to be alone with our thoughts and feelings.

4 – We are wary of new friendships

We find it very easy to talk and communicate with others, but we don’t find it easy to relate to others.  It takes a while for new people to understand that we want more from friends – we need to be able to share our opinions and thoughts and life views and don’t care much for unnecessary chit-chat, small-talk or seeing people constantly – we want to talk about things that are important and it doesn’t matter if we don’t see you in a few months. This means that, a lot of the time we have a smaller friendship group or spend more time alone – it is just a bit more satisfying, especially because we become… bored. We know exactly who our ‘true friends’ are (this is important, we don’t have time to waste on non-reciprocal relationships).

5 – We are thinkers

We think – a lot. We often seem withdrawn or in our “own little world” but, what others don’t realise, is that we use our thinking to understand and internalise our surroundings and process them thoroughly. We are extremely observant, and can visualise people’s moods and understand their energies, their thoughts and how they’re feeling, even if we haven’t spoken to them. We seem to base our lives on past experiences – we are wise, learn thoroughly from our thoughts, and we can understand life’s lessons a whole lot better. We naturally gravitate towards learning, generating new ideas, and developing more understanding of the world around us.

6 – We see life in a different light

Our perspective of the world is different – unique in fact. We are a bit wary of the world, and we feel it and what it is like. We feel everything. It is harder to explain when growing up, why we see things the way we do. We renew our inner thoughts and process our feelings, truly understanding the deeper meaning behind our thoughts and actions, and others too. We try and focus on the positive aspects of life but also understand, deeply, the fragility of mortality. This insight and in-depth understanding of the world around us inclines us to seek to share our understanding with others.

Are you an old soul at heart?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Well, according to all 6 I’m an old soul at heart! 😀

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Haha, me too!! Oldies together x

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