A last-minute Christmas gift guide

Yep, I get it. One minute you were counting down the seconds to 2016, and now all of a sudden December arrived and you haven’t even thought about Christmas, let alone finding time to buy Christmas presents.

This post is dedicated to you ladies, and men, who are busy trying to find that little bit of spare time, or to those who leave things to the very last week and then feel motivated to buy. You are my heroes.

Gift sets

Perhaps the best and easiest gifts to give, as everything is set out for you. I love giving gift sets as there is a gift set for pretty much everyone – the beauty lover, the sport-obsessed, the borderline alcoholic! Gift sets are also normally pretty inexpensive and you often save a lot of money when purchasing.

Another way of going down the gift set route is to mix and match the contents. They’ll never know and it also means you can be a bit more creative and taylor the gift sets to each individual.


I know what you’re thinking – “but they are so time-consuming”. No, wrapping them is time consuming. But stockings are the best way of getting loads of little presents together, and the best part is they are super sentimental and they can be as small or big as you like. Plus, you can reuse stockings for next year when the vicious cycle arises once more!

Stocking fillers can be literally anything that fits, from drinks and food, to puzzles, candles and jewellery. Buy with the person in mind, and you can make it fun!

Gift Vouchers

Don’t have time to get a present? Let them get it themselves! Find a shop that they are likely to go to and put some money on a card. That way, you know they will like it (because they chose it) and you are still being thoughtful for getting them something. Everyone wins! PS if you’re really stuck for presents, you can put them in stockings too!

What are your last-minute Christmas tricks?

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