22 Lifestyle changes for a happier you

I’m not good at making drastic changes to my lifestyle – I’m stuck in my ways, I have my own routine and when you are busy 24/7, it is hard to remember to implement them.

But sometimes, it is the smallest changes that make the biggest difference to your life. These changes, though small, can drastically alter your outlook, your body and your mind, helping you to feel brighter, happier and more energised for a busy lifestyle (because, let’s face it, who even has time anymore? Not me, that’s for sure).

So I’ve listed 22 simple, easy and positive lifestyle changes to help brighten and energise your day, making you feel happier, healthier and more ready for what life throws at you!

Learn to let go of things that don’t make you happy
Drink more water
Change your snacking habits – don’t pick up sugar, which will ultimately unbalance your moods. Choose nuts/fruit/fruit bars etc.
Make sure you take time out and look after yourself
Set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier than you normally would
Stop your need to be perfect
Push yourself out of your comfort zone, and often
Recognise negative habits and practice positivity
Worry less, and live more
Appreciate the little things in your life
Sleep better and develop a routine
Make time for the things that you enjoy
Always be kind. And if someone’s a bitch, kill them with kindness
Stop overthinking
Read more and often. Take yourself away from social media/TV and challenge yourself and your brain.
Eat better & healthier – stay tuned for how I changed my eating habits
Cut down on the caffeine – it is bad for anxiety, stress and your internal body clock. Instead drink decaf, water, or green teas
Recycle, look after the planet and be mindful of waste in your daily routine
Don’t waste your life by waiting for the perfect moment, the weekend or tomorrow but make the most of now
Practice mindfulness and positive thoughts
Stop living in the past and live in the moment
Learn how to self-motivate and stop procrastinating!

Any others you can think of?! Comment below!

58 thoughts on “22 Lifestyle changes for a happier you

  1. I have been doing the alarm clock one and honestly getting up early and getting stuff done has made me so much happier and more productive!

    I am so glad I found your blog- It’s amazing :) xx

  2. lol i subscribed to your blog right away as i stumbled upon your post!
    thank you for sharing these great tips!
    please also check out my new blog @ maycollective.wordpress.com :)

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