Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation V Serum

It seems like forever since my last beauty post so I thought I’d have to make up for the losses!

When I found Bourjois Healthy Mix  foundation a few years ago my makeup routine was changed forever. I then found the Serum and honestly, both are complete drugstore game changers.

Considering it is a drugstore buy, it is quite surprising for the little amount of money you spend on them that they are completely perfect for a daily routine and really do what you want them to do. The effortlessness of each are great in creating a flawless finish, especially for sensitive, combination skin – and I have tried a lot of foundations since I first started wearing makeup.

Goodbye dry, unhydrated and sad skin, and welcome to your new hydration that literally lasts all day. Both provide a really nice dewy finish, they are boasted to be vitamin-enriched and are honestly great for any skin type. Also, in my opinion high-end quality for a drugstore price. Perfect!

But they are so similar, so what really is the difference between the two?

Overall my personal favourite is the Healthy Mix Foundation, simply due to the longevity and use throughout the year. It also sits a lot nicer on the skin as I like a fuller coverage though the Serum is really nice too.

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What’s your favourite drugstore foundation? 


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  1. Great post! I have tried post and personally found the coverage much better on the foundation as I expected! The colour match is a great positive with this brand too!

    1. earthtoloz says:

      I agree! The colour isn’t too pink which is perfect for my skin too, not much variety but a great product none the less! x

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