How to motivate yourself (when you feel stuck)

It’s a funny old time of year – you’ve already broken some of your new year’s resolutions, work sucks, it’s bloody freezing outside (on this side of the hemisphere anyway) and pffft, was ‘dry’ January supposed to be a thing because I totally missed that one.

All bouts of motivation are out of the window, and despite your efforts much like the first week of the new year trying to figure out ways to make your goals work this year, you’ve accepted defeat, and it probably isn’t going to happen.



Come on guys, I get it. I’m there with you.

But your goals have only just begun. Why give up now? Feeling stuck is as permanent as you make it, but motivating yourself is an amazing life lesson, especially at times like this when it is literally the last thing you want to be doing.

So, go on then… how?

Remind yourself of your goal

Motivation can come in bouts and sometimes, even when you are prepared to work hard at it, it just isn’t coming. That niggling thought of ‘what’s the point’ just won’t go away and you are left even more stressed than you were to begin with.

But remind yourself why it is that you are doing what you are doing. Whether that is working towards your career, you are working towards a fun hobby, you are aiming to invest in a car or that new gorgy handbag or even for other reasons – remind yourself of its’ importance to you. Not for anyone else, even if they are involved. How does it make you feel when you achieve your goals? Imagine the emotions you will feel once it’s all over & how proud you’ll be when you’ve accomplished something – this is the driving force to your end result.

Essentially, your motivation to succeed lies in your determination and perspective throughout the day enabling you to see the bigger picturethis is your end goal. Never let any obstacles or negative thoughts/behaviours get in the way of your aim.

Learn from failure

“Failure” is so natural. It is seen throughout any element of life and in particular when setting goals. But remember, easy come, easy go as they say!

Overcoming these obstacles is where you truly learn, and these obstacles are the most important part of motivation, because you will learn more about yourself when you’re knocked down than when you have accomplished what you have set out to.

There are lessons in every failure, so try and pick them out and, most importantly, don’t give up.

Make realistic goals and stick to them

There is no point spending 30 minutes writing a list of things to do that will not be achievable. Similarly, there’s no point spending more time writing the lists than being active in accomplishing what you need to.

Nope, that doesn’t mean aim low by any means, but find your line. Realistic goals often come with a plan on how you aim to achieve them, with dates, quantitative and qualitative values and, most importantly, worst and best case scenarios incase you do fuck up along the way (and that’s perfectly ok too!). Don’t be too hard on yourself – it is one thing being ambitious, but kicking yourself to the ground setting an unrealistic target is not going to get you anywhere. Trust me!

Take regular breaks

It is completely unnatural for your brain to be at full speed 100% of the time, no matter how hard you try.

If you are wondering why you can’t concentrate or focus, or why it is that you’re struggling to motivate yourself, ask yourself when the last time was that you took time out or had a break. Your brain needs to refuel as much as you do, and your productivity will be so much lower if you aren’t looking after yourself in the process, leading to a vicious cycle of demotivation and self-doubt.

Take time out, grab some water, have a nap, make a healthy snack, have a walk if you can handle it or just simply rest your mind. The rest will follow suit.

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What are you aiming to achieve this year? Let me know in the comments, or if you have any posts relating to 2017 goals/resolutions, I’d love to check them out too!


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