3 ways to look like you tried without trying

First of all, Happy Valentine’s day lovelies!

But I’m lazy, ok?!

I like to be comfortable, I hate taking ages on making myself look good (unless for good reason, aka going out), and when it’s coming to the end of the week, my routine is honestly out of the pan. Plus, who even cares about looking good anymore?

I see girls all of the time looking flawless at work, week in, week out, fully done up and ready for the day. But they also get up super early and girl, ain’t nobody taking my sleep away from me.

I also love the effortless look but unfortunately, it doesn’t love me quite as much back. So I feel I’ve perfected the art of looking like I’m trying when, really, I’m not trying at all. Plus, isn’t it just the best feeling hitting the snooze button to have those extra minutes in bed?! So, if you are like me and treasure sleep over getting ready in the morning, then this is for you.

Sleep in a plait


This not only saves time in the morning (see exhibit A) but also leaves you with really nice beachy waves that last all day long. For curlier hair, do more plaits, or if you need a bit more volume, spray some dry shampoo or salt spray! It is a great way to save some time and look like you made an effort. I do this daily and it works with both long and short hair, which is great for that effortless vibe but also makes you look like you actually give a shit about what your hair looks like (jokes on you, world, cus I don’t).

Focus on one feature


Whether that’s your eyes, mattified skin, glowing highlighter or your brows, one feature is enough to make you look like you took the time to perfect an area when it really only took you a few minutes max and didn’t disturb your “give a shit” attitude too much. I mainly focus on my eyes because, on me, they really give away my tiredness, so a bit of liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow and some of my STAPLE mascara and I’m ready to go.

Add lipstick


An instant finaliser, lipstick can simply make (or break) a look. I love lipstick as it really promotes the idea of putting effort in, taking time and caring about how you look. It also looks super professional and classy for those days you are running a little bit too late. And, especially, for those days you really can’t be bothered. Any colour goes when it comes to lipstick and I love how it completely transforms your vibe, when in reality you just can’t be bothered. Plus, the bolder and brighter, the better!

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Any other tips? Leave a comment below :-)


7 Comments Add yours

  1. MOMPUNK says:

    omg yes – a bright red lip makes you look instantly amazing

  2. Vanessa says:

    Agree, love the tips! The lipstick one is my go-to strategy ;)

  3. thelostmango says:

    lipstick is definitely my go to! Thanks for the tips! XOXO Im Chy from https://thelostmango.com Nice to meet you! XOXO

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