Happy Earth Day! 5 different ways to recycle

Happy Earth Day my fellow earthlings! And – WELCOME TO THE 100TH POST ON EARTHTOLOZ!

I can’t get over how much of a lovely community WordPress is, and now with over 400 of you?! It makes my heart so happy.


But with a very important day, and very close to my heart, is Earth Day. And it is so funny because people are either super passionate about this topic, or are like “oh here we go again”.

I get it, because yes it is easy to forget that we inhabit a living, breathing planet that provides every inch of our being, but we totally neglect it and take advantage of everything she has given us.

I want to focus specifically on recycling, because it is not only the easiest thing to do daily, but has such a huge impact on the planet. I’m not going to go into the statistics of it, but it is absolutely crazy, terrifying really, to think how much of what we throw away can be used again..

The most frustrating part is that more than half of it is either still working and usable and can be recycled, especially nowadays where there are so many ways to go about recycling and up-doing products at home, no matter what it is! There are a variety of great apps and websites you can use to dispose of your unwanted goods in an eco-friendly way, that I wanted to share.

Before I go into it, please firstly be conscious of what you’re using and buying, and if it can be recycled (or even better if it is biodegradable) then make sure that you can do just that. Before you buy it, ensure that you’ll want to use it and it has a multi-disciplined function. If there are a couple of products that are cardboard or organic, then even better, because this will ensure that not only does it come from a good place but also that you can recycle it afterwards (including stationary etc.). Most products have a symbol on the back to indicate this use, and ensure that it is cleaned when you do recycle it otherwise it cannot be used, particularly with food.

1- Freecycle

Freecycle is an app and a website where you put in your location and you can post items that you no longer use, or respond to people looking for specific items. The ‘offers’ or ‘wanteds’ are completely free, and they work upon donations, with people looking for building supplies, furniture, technology to things for children & baby’s. It’s great and is such a good idea because so many people have things that they want to get rid of that they just throw in the skip, when they can be given to someone who would actually put it to good use.

2- Gumtree

Honestly, I am not a DIYer but you can really get a range of some good little bits on here and do them up rather than spending money on an expensive thing, or even sell those parts that you think can never be used again. Youtuber Helen Anderson featured this in one of her videos, so be sure to have a look if you’re interested in how it works: Upcycling tips & tricks.

3- Charity

The best and probably easiest way, especially if you just want to get rid of something quickly, is sending it to a charity shop. Clothes that you may throw in the bin instead, can be send to charity shops, furniture, home decor, kitchen supplies and utensils, the list goes on! It is to a great cause, and also means that someone else can have it and love it too.

4- Recyclebank

For those who want to recycle, but think ‘why should I?’, Recyclebank is for you. Every ‘green’ thing you do, from recycling, to surveys and interactive quizzes gains you points, which in turn become rewards including days out, family trips and gift cards. It’s a great way to encourage recycling but also giving back to those who do.

5- SnaffleUp

SnaffleUp is essentially a mixture of Gumtree and Freecycle, in that it is listed as goods with good information and pictures much like Gumtree, but it is all free stuff. Again, a really good idea particularly as this way it means you can see what you’re getting, plus there is such a vast range to choose from across different locations.

Obviously there are so many more out there and they may vary across different locations globally. But you get the idea! Look after the planet not just today, but everyday.

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Thank you for reading, as always guys! If you know any other great ways to recycle or look after the planet, share them in the comments! The more the better :-)

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  1. StephJ says:

    Yay! Happy earth day. Much love!

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