5 things that happened when I stopped wearing makeup for a week

It is crazy to think how young I was when I started wearing makeup… perhaps 12 or 13 when I really conquered my love for makeup and whipped out that classic Miss Sporty powder (those were the days) at least three shades too light for my skin tone, so much to the extent that my younger pictures feature a completely washed out 13/14 year old.

The irony is, my skin was never (and still isn’t) really that bad. In fact, I was disgustingly lucky in that I have always had freckles and tan pretty well (not on my face anymore, after the Miss Sporty and Dream Matte Mousse damage) and rarely even took my makeup off properly when I was younger, let alone moisturised. Disgusting right? It wasn’t until about 15 that I noticed my skin becoming super oily and then at about 16/17 blessed with a bout of mild acne to boost my already destroyed confidence, in which case I realised I should probably invest more in good skincare and beauty products, and less of the crappy £2 jobs I relied upon.

For years I have looked up to models through makeup advertisements, magazines, and social media (namely Instagram) with their perfectly flawless skin that is airbrushed to perfection and not a single blemish in sight, increasing my paranoia about my skin not being right. I watch Youtube videos of girls (and guys) using beauty products to look more ‘natural’??! But, ridiculously, I’d never really thought about the actual natural look – the raw, genuine, US look – no foundation or facial makeup, self-perceived ‘flaws’ and all.

So, I did it.

And what did I learn, you ask?

My skin isn’t actually that bad

Since adopting the less is more approach to beauty, I have found a better confidence in myself and the way I look, and also in learning to enhance the features I actually like (and no, this doesn’t make you self-obsessed. It’s self-confidence, girl. Own it!). I feel much more open to my hardly-there spots poking out, and honestly, I actually don’t care anymore about people noticing. My skin needs time to breathe, it’s the least I can do for it with all the fuss I give it every day. I have learnt to really take proper care of it- since I spent so long, years even, trying to cover up my face. Though, yes it is fun once in a while to treat yourself to a heavy makeup sesh every so often, only recently have I really taken notice of what I am putting on to my skin and how much it reacts to it. I’d never thought about what I was doing to it, plus turning 21 and suddenly becoming increasingly aware of my eminent wrinkles, I needed to take some preventative measures before I was haunted by my bad makeup mistakes for life!

My skin (kind of) cleared up

Much of my blemishes are hormonal, like most people, but due to sensitive skin, the irritations and the intensity of my skin has actually calmed down a lot. I also found that my oily skin is starting to balance out, and it feels much softer, happier and, guess what? The blemishes are (nearly) non-existent and I look a lot less washed out because my skin is happy and refreshed. I never wear that much foundation anyway, but the daily routine of product after product after product meant that a good old break from the chemicals I pile on top of it was waaaay overdue. Plus, I even caught a little face tan, in England?!

I have more time in the mornings

Suddenly, I care less about the amount of time I spend on myself getting ready. Don’t get me wrong, for events I love to dress up and spend time on myself, I find it fun. But mornings, when I’d rather be in bed or get ten minutes more sleep? No question about it. Especially when you work full-time – those 9-5 days do not need to be made any longer! Time suddenly has become a lot more valuable, and I realised how much of it was spent on fussing with my poor face. Plus, investing money in less, natural and more expensive moisturisers means they are easier to apply, you don’t need as much, and you don’t need as many to get the job done.

I realised how much I rely on makeup

We’ve all been there – “oh, you look tired today Lauren. Is everything ok?” “Nope, just not wearing makeup today Susan. But thanks for inadvertently telling me you look like shit“.

This is just my face y’all – often pale, freckly, a little bit blemishy, but it’s just my skin. Why should I feel this self-conscious for not having any makeup on? The more I questioned it, the more ridiculous it sounded… it’s foundation. It’s literally a coloured plastic liquid I pat into my face, and it somehow has this power over me to make me feel confident, happier, more myself… than nothing at all? Why am I that insecure with my face to feel that way? So I challenged it… and it worked. Of course, I want to look better some days, and when I go out or for occasions etc. But I no longer feel that urge or reliance on an inanimate product to make me feel ‘whole’ and confident in myself.

I’m much more comfortable (and a lot less stressed!)

I am definitely one of those people who, as soon as I get home, get into my pyjamas, take my makeup off and chill in the comfort of just being. And not having makeup on brings that comfort into my daily life, that it’s suddenly so much easier and soo much less irritating?! I forgot how annoying, uncomfortable, and even sometimes stressful makeup can be, particularly foundation. I realised how much I hate that compact feeling of makeup, and how much happier and more free I feel without it. Isn’t that crazy?! How much I don’t actually like wearing makeup, but I was wearing it for the sake of feeling better for wearing it? It doesn’t actually make sense! I feel much more confident that I can go out and feel a lot better about myself without makeup… FINALLY! After years of insecurity, I feel like I’ve just made it!

Now, this is not to say you shouldn’t wear makeup or la la la, you do you honey boo. BUT, don’t hate yourself without makeup or feel insecure about not wearing any, because we should all feel as confident wearing makeup as we do not.  <3

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What are your thoughts on having no-makeup days? How do you feel? 

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18 Comments Add yours

  1. outnaboutweb says:

    Great post! I’m so happy to hear that you don’t put pressure on your self to wear make-up! I think we should all embrace more our natural and pure faces!
    love, elena


    1. earthtoloz says:

      Thank you, I agree!! X

  2. One of the most interesting posts I have seen in ages! I have recently had such low self confidence when it comes to my skin and wearing makeup and I’m thinking that going bare face for a while might help me with that! Also, I have been having terrible break outs which obviously just creates a vicious cycle of more makeup > more spots. Fun!! I think I’m going to give this a go next week :) xx

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Thank you! Oh that’s awful, it is a horrid cycle but giving your skin a break will really help and even could help your confidence too! The more your wear the more you feel rubbish when it’s off as well, I got into an awful habit and it just made me pick my blemishes out more when really they weren’t that bad at all! Hopefully it gets better -let me know how you get on! Xxxx

  3. great post with an amazing message! if it’s not comfortable, why bother with it everyday? I love that you’re embracing a more natural look and finding confidence with it. also the ‘are you tired?’ thing lol, so true 😂 thanks for sharing!

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Thank you! I wish it wasn’t even a thing but unfortunately that’s society isn’t it! Haha so glad you liked it x

  4. Kali Borovic says:

    This is such a great post! If your skin cleared up from not wearing makeup, you could have an allergy! That’s what happened to me. Just something to think about! xx.

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Thank you! I think I do, my skin is so sensitive that it could be a combo of things but giving it a well deserved rest defo helped!! Xx

      1. Kali Borovic says:

        Mine turned out to be a gluten allergy, so I went all natural with all my makeup and skincare. Feel free to reach out if have any questions! xx.

      2. earthtoloz says:

        Wow! I know I’m a bit intolerant, I think it may be acidic food but need to take time to actually test that theory! Crazy how everything affects the outside, we always seem to forget that! Xxx

      3. Kali Borovic says:

        Our skin is the biggest organ after all! xx.

  5. Dani Kay says:

    Great post! I love that you included the part about noticing your skin not being “that bad” because that’s exactly how I feel when I take a break from wearing makeup! Such a good self confidence boost

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Yes I totally agree!

  6. Alysha Marie says:

    Great post! I try and mix up make-up and non-make-up days to be a good role model for my daughter! It has taught me self love and confidence!

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