What makes a good beauty product?

It is so easy to get caught up in the hype of social media products, with Instamodels splashing new attention on their high-end favourites (that, let’s be real, no average person can really afford) and Blogs/YouTube is absolutely dickered in pieces “you MUST buy” and that will definitely change your life and make-up game… Course.

But beauty products are expensive! Especially when you don’t really know what you are looking for. Plus, they are also really hard to shop for. It’s easy to think because someone “famous” promotes it that it must be good… It’s actually normally the opposite!

If you’re anything like me, the choice is overwhelming and this makes it hard to really understand what works for you, and remembering what it is that you need from a product and why it is you want to invest into something.

For me, there are 4 key things I look for in a ‘good’ beauty product.

1 – Versatility

Due to the price of most products, I want to know that I can use it across different seasons, in different situations, for different looks and in different ways as well. Multi-usage often comes in, for example, buildable products, products that can dress up a look or you can wear on its’ own, but also that are portable, easy and don’t require that much thought. This is super important to me because I can get a lot of use out of something and also be smart with how and what I use a product with.

2 – Longevity

This is also a big one – for two of its’ meanings. Firstly, would you spend £35 on something that lasts a month? Probably not. So in this sense, the product itself should be compact but with ‘a little goes a long way’ in its’ concept. Similarly, the product should not only be long-wearing, but also should be able to last without me having the need to top it up, and it waits patiently on my face until the end of the day when I decide to take it off. I don’t want to have to top it up, especially as, when you spend a lot of money on a product, in my eyes, you shouldn’t have any need to, particularly when you are out all day. Obviously that would depend on your skin type, but I promise, they are out there.

3 – Simplicity

Time is money darlings. Plus, I don’t want to faff around spending ages on my makeup, and nor do I want to feel it on my face. If it is quick, easy and ready to go, then it can easily become a staple in my daily routine and it means I don’t need to spend more time than I need to getting ready, a bonus for a busy girl! As well as that, a good product should feel effortless, particularly as I don’t want to think about my makeup in the morning too much, and unless I’m really doing myself up, I’m quite natural on the makeup front anyway. Simplicity is key for an easy, stress-free application that is flawless.

4 – Contents & chemicals

I’m not a scientist, nor do I really understand the compounds of products, but having super sensitive skin means I have to keep an eye on the amount of product and chemicals I put on my face. The rule?: The less ingredients shown, the better. Even more so, using purely natural ingredients! I feel like, in this day and age, you shouldn’t have to put tons of shit on your face to get a good result, especially when it costs a fortune! Leave it to the experts, but know what is good and what isn’t in the beauty world.

And, most importantly, try to avoid anything tested on animals!

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What are your general ‘rules’ you use when purchasing makeup? Let me know down below!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. I’ve been slowly switching into all cruelty free makeup!

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Me too, and luckily most companies nowadays are recognising it x

  2. Kali Borovic says:

    Great post! Although it is nice to splurge on a seasonal item every now and then hehe xx.

    1. earthtoloz says:

      Very true!! I’m all for treating yourself once in a while 😀

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